Hi! I wrote a blog!

Here goes nothing...

Here's to my first* blog post ever! I am far from an eloquent writer, it actually makes me feel nervous and quite self-conscious. I'd much rather draw you a picture than put everything down on paper in the form of words.

So why am I writing it you ask?

I am hoping to create a space with a glimpse behind the scenes, maybe feature and elaborate on new products/illustrations, throw a few tutorials in here and there for anyone wanting to dabble in art, and mostly importantly - to connect with all of you a little more and put a face to the art!

Why the name?

fashion illustrator based in Vancouver drawing on ipad procreate

In honor of my (kinda) first blog post – I'll go ahead and introduce myself. My name is Nadine and I am the artist behind de Almeida Illustrations. "de Almeida" is my middle name and also my mothers maiden name. I thought it had a nice ring to it but had personal meaning to me and my background. I have since realized that in a way, it has memorialized my grandad. He had 3 daughters who eventually married and took their husbands names. I'm happy I get to carry on his name in my art, I just wish he was here to see. He was a very artistic person, built countless furniture and created some amazing art/sculptures. 


copic markers ipad procreate sketchbook

I have always been artsy, arts and crafts was my jam at school! I drew and painted for fun, but always knew my goal was to work in the fashion industry. I moved to Vancouver, BC (where I still live!) for school and have since been working as a fashion designer and/or pattern maker. Fast forward to 9 years later, I would still turn to my sketchbook and drawing mediums as a way to deal with anxiety. So something that has helped me in my everyday, eventually became my small business! De Almeida Illustrations is the perfect unity of my love for drawing combined with my background in the fashion industry.

Oof! This turned out to be about 5 times longer than the original post I accidentally deleted... So I'll end it here, thank you for reading and as always, your support means the world! Oh and if you start a blog, go ahead and back it up :)

*I say first, but I kind of mean second because I accidentally deleted the first 2 days after publishing it... Well done me.

Hi! I wrote a blog!Hi! I wrote a blog!

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